A New Voice in Sexual Health

Adina Nack Cover PhotoIn the field of women's health, Dr. Adina Nack has made an impressive debut with her book, Damaged Goods?, which highlights years of medical sociology research. Featured in two MTV documentaries, she is a strong advocate for comprehensive sexuality education as an author and public speaker.

Known for discussing taboo topics from a sociological perspective, Dr. Nack connects readers with women who boldly shared their stories of living with medically incurable STDs. With goals of increasing dialogue about these important issues, she launched this website to create community with the E-News list, answer questions through the online blog, and provide a way to contact her for interviews or speaking engagements. Damaged Goods? (Temple University Press), is available in paperback and hardcover from all major bookstores, including Amazon.com.


An associate professor of sociology, Dr. Adina Nack has directed California Lutheran University’s Center for Equality and Justice and their Gender and Women's Studies Program. Nack received her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2001 and joined CLU in 2003, after having been on the faculty at the University of Maine.She is a medical sociologist whose research has focused on sexual health, social inequality, social psychology, gender, and popular culture. Nack has won local teaching awards, national research awards, and has been recognized with community service awards for HIV/AIDS advocacy and sexual health advocacy. Nack's articles on women’s sexuality and sexual health have been published in academic journals and edited readers. A compelling speaker, she has been involved with sexual health education since 1994 as an outreach worker, health educator, researcher, and professor of sexuality studies. A proponent of community-based action research, Nack was a co-Principal Investigator for studies of Latino men and women living with HIV/AIDS. A member of Ventura County's HIV/AIDS Coalition, Nack has played a lead role in organizing the county's events to commemorate World AIDS Day since 2004.

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